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Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Google Officially Announces The PlusBox

Last month AccuraCast blogged about Google providing financial results in a PlusBox. The PlusBox is essentially a small plus sign that users can click on to get further information about a certain headline or topic. It is currently in use with local / map related results and also on headlines in the Google personalized homepage.

The beta tests with the PlusBox must have gone pretty well, as yesterday, Google officially announced the use of Plus Box with financial search results and local search results.

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Another Google feature that no one will use

In their attempt to attract and keep more users, Google have created yet another useless feature on their search product that is likely to go down the trash chute faster than you can say rubbish!

Personalized homepage themes

Yes, the Google home page is becoming a bit of a commonplace home page, or even a starting point for everyone's daily Internet traipsing. However, offering a personalization feature such as themed wallpapers and "skins" is taking it a bit too far. What i'd like to know is which Backstreet Boy (or McFly) loving teenage girl suggested this feature?

Surely the money spent acquiring genius companies such as AdScape and Gapminder must have brought in the hope for more sensible improvements than this!

Friday, 16 March 2007

Namaste! Aap Google News abhi Hindi mein padh sakenge!

The title of this article literally means: "Greetings! You can now read Google news in Hindi!".

Yes. That's true. Coming straight from the horse's mouth:

Google Blog: Google News in Hindi

While the news sources might be limited, and opinions skewed, it's still a very good step for Google, as it could let them tap into a very big market!

Monday, 12 March 2007

More control over local listings for Google

New features make it easier for advertisers to customise their Google Local search listings.

New features for Local Business Center

The impressions count is probably the most handy addition as it provides an idea of actual usage of Google local search.

More information is available on the AccuraCast Search Daily News blog, under the posting about Google Local Search Providing More Customisable Features

Friday, 2 March 2007

Official Google Blog: Suggest a better translation

Google using user input to improve results, again!

This time it's with Google Translate. Users can suggest a better way for a sentence to be translated if Google's automatic translation looks dodgy.

Nice move, Google!

We remember not too long ago Google started relying on user input - that is clieck through rates and bounce rates - to determine relevancy in their paid and organic search results. This is smart, as there's no better way to gain / increase loyalty and improve one's own products for free!

Thursday, 1 March 2007

Google "Disclose" That <10% clicks are Invalid

Google claim that less than 10% of their clicks are invalid.

Most of these clicks get detected by their 3-part click fraud detection system, but there is another 0.02% which get reactively detected when advertisers request an investigation.

Inside AdWords: Invalid Clicks – Google’s Overall Numbers

Does that mean that on average all advertisers should expect a 0.02% rebate on their advertising spend due to click fraud?

If the law of averages applies, then most advertisers who spend big amounts would be well served to investigate and report fraudulent clicks. For example, using averages, an advertisers spedning £100,000 per month on paid search could typically get back £20 per month or £240 a year on account of fraudulent clicks - is that worth spending a few hours investigating them or investing in a click fraud detection system?
... depends how much you trust Google's proclaimation!