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Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Google Responds To Viacom - Let The Fun Begin!

While the official Google blog has sunny posts about their Sydney and California offices, their legal team have been working on much more serious (or so we would think!) matters...

They have prepared an official response to Viacom's lawsuit alleging that Google's YouTube infringes copyrights by hosting material that users upload, which Google knows to be in direct violation of Viacom's copyrights.

Google's official response was basically "meh!"... Viacom pushed for the DMCA law that limits webmasters' liability for content published by users, so they should now live with the consequences!

Viacom's rather valid response was that Google claims to "organise all the world's information", so they'll be damned if they accept that Google doesn't know what's in it's own backyard! ... in other words, everyone's gotta believe Google can easily detect what's being uploaded to YouTube, and stop it from being published if they want to.

True... hear! hear!

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