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Monday, 8 October 2007

Showing location under your AdWords Ad

Ever wondered why some AdWords ads include the name of the location underneath the ad text?

Well Google has just clarified this on their blog post AdWords Ads: what's your location?

According to the post, the location is included below ads that are regionally targeted when the search query or visitor IP address match the user to the target location of the ads.

For advertisers, this means that they must start by geo-targeting their ads and/or include location names alongside regular keywords in order to have the location included along with the ad.

Having this location show up alongside ads is beneficial because it differentiates your ad (5 lines versus 4) from the rest.

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Microsoft Heading For Shopping Comparison

Microsoft announced that they have acquired Jellyfish.com, a Wisconsin-based company that provides shopping comparison search. This announcement comes shortly after Live Search's update that provides special attention to the shopping vertical.

The software giant are relentless in their pursuit of Google. This new acquisition will most likely result in Microsoft developing a competitor for Google Product Search.

Jellyfish provides a good mix of social shopping and discount shopping in one easy to use shopping search site.