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Friday, 27 November 2009

Who Has Marked Your Tweets As A Favourite?

Favstar allows users to find out who marked their tweets as favourites.

The site also shows recent tweets with 100 or more favourites.

Overall quite a handy app, and different from the usual retweet count widgets that are currently so popular.

Note: Being marked as a favourite is quite useful from an SEO point of view because the Favourites page on a profile is much more static than a regular tweet stream, has more content than an individual tweet and the link has more PR typically.

in reference to: Recent tweets with 100 favs or more (view on Google Sidewiki)

Twitter Counter is a paid mix of Twitterholic & Twitin

Twitter Counter displays a graph of the number of followers for any account over time, lists the top 100 (or 1000?) most popular twitter accounts and allows users to compare their follower growth with that of other users.

The site includes an "Add Followers" service which you pay for - $249 for 50k new followers. Not sure how ethical this is or how good the results are.

in reference to: Twitter follow stats, graphs and widgets | Twitter Counter (view on Google Sidewiki)

TweetStats - Pretty. Useless.

TweetStats analyses any Twitter account and then graphs that account's Twitter usage by displaying tweets per hour, per month, reply statistics, interfaces used and most frequent users retweeted, all in a series of pretty graphs.

The stats are lovely to look at, but pretty useless.

in reference to: TweetStats :: Graphin' Your Stats (view on Google Sidewiki)

Hashtags Started A Trend And Then Faded

Hashtags started the trend of aligning tweets to topics by adding #topic-name within the tweets. The site then grouped Tweets by topic and displayed most popular topics.

The need for hashtags faded once Twitter Search grew in popularity and ability and other, more versatile tools were made.

The final nail in Hashtags' coffin came when Twitter started displaying trending topics on their own homepage, eliminating most users' need to even bother visiting hashtags.org

in reference to: Hashtags — 503 (view on Google Sidewiki)

Ironically Not The First Nor The Best Twitter Search Engine

Twitter Search is the easiest to access, but not necessarily the best quality Twitter search engine.

Their mere chronological listing of tweets is quite useless as the large chunk of tweets brought up can be spam, retweets or ramblings from unpopular users.

in reference to: Twitter Search (view on Google Sidewiki)

Who Is The Most Popula Twitter User?

Twitterholic ranks Twitter users by popularity.

The homepage lists the 100 most popular users at any given time.

You can also check your own Twitterholic ranking by entering your user id in the search box.

in reference to: Top Twitter User Rankings & Stats | Twitterholic.com (view on Google Sidewiki)

TWITin by Buzzom is Great

The 3 main Twitter serrvices offered through Buzzom's app, Twitin are all extremely useful and easy to use.

'Flush' unfollows people who are not following you back.
'Grow' identifies people you could follow, who are most likely to follow you back.
'Reciprocate' follows people who are already following you.

The only problem with the service is how slow it can be at times.

in reference to: Welcome to Buzzom | Social Profile Management (view on Google Sidewiki)

TweetMeme Is the ReTweet king

The retweet button that is now almost omnipresent on all major blogs was brought to us by Tweetmeme.

The core website is useful to track the number of links and retweets for a user account or a single tweet.

Retweet counts are now a way for popular blogs to boast about the number of social conversations seeded from their posts.

in reference to: TweetMeme - Search and Retweet the Hottest Stories on Twitter (view on Google Sidewiki)

Backtweets.com Is Great For Twitter Link Counts

The backtweets online app, and their WordPress plugin are absolutely priceless for blog owners who wish to bring their social conversations to their website.

Considering the number of comments and conversations that happen on Twitter now, instead of on the content owner's site itself, the WordPress plugin is a great way to show the true buzz surrounding a particular article.

in reference to: BackTweets (view on Google Sidewiki)

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Ask.com Doing More Q&A but still getting nowhere

Ask.com gained popularity in the pre-Google days because people could type in real questions and the search engine would provide potential replies.

They changed all that, and their branding, and now have come right back to where they began, unfortunately just a bit too late.

Whether it's 400 million or billion answers they have there's hardly anyone asking them any questions!

in reference to: The Ask.com Blog: The Next Frontier in Search: Questions & Answers (view on Google Sidewiki)

Yet Another Image SERP Trial - Image Swirls

This doesn't look very different from the Wonder Wheel, and will probably end up being one of those "cool" but absolutely useless projects done by Google.

in reference to: Official Google Blog: Explore images with Google Image Swirl, now in Labs (view on Google Sidewiki)

Yahoo's Search Business Is Toast

Graph built on data from comScore shows what we all know - Yahoo!'s search business is dying, rapidly

in reference to:

"Yahoo's Search Business Is Toast"
- CHART OF THE DAY: Yahoo's Search Business Is Toast (YHOO, GOOG, MSFT) (view on Google Sidewiki)

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

CoTweet - The Best Collaborative Twitter Solution

Multiple user access, multiple account management, tweet assignments and on-duty notifications make CoTweet the best Twitter platform for businesses available on the market at present.

in reference to: CoTweet™ - How business does Twitter (view on Google Sidewiki)

Zoho - Our Favourite Online Office Solution

Zoho started off as an online replacement for Microsoft Office, but has since grown to become so much more.

The reliability and feature set of everything from Zoho Sheet to Zoho CRM makes it a much better choice than Google Office and much more suitable for collaborative, online work than Microsoft Office

in reference to: Email Hosting, CRM, Project Management, Office Suite, Document Management, Remote Support, Intranet, Customer Support Forums (view on Google Sidewiki)

Business Exchange - BusinessWeek's Social Network

A real quality network of professionals sharing information on a business-specific platform.

in reference to: Business Exchange (view on Google Sidewiki)

Business Exchange - Search Engine Marketing

Social network of professionals interested in SEM sharing latest news, blogs reference materials and job postings.

Tightly monitored social medium with much higher quality content than many of the mainstream social news / media sites.

in reference to: Search Engine Marketing - Business Exchange (view on Google Sidewiki)

WordPress Is By Far The Best CMS & Blog Platform

Yes, WordPress is not just a blog platform. It is by far the most versatile content management system available, and the best thing is that it is completely open source.

The wide community of developers that use and contribute to the platform make it possible to create almost any type of site based on the WordPress platform and the huge selection of Plugins available to enhance it.

in reference to: WordPress › Blog Tool and Publishing Platform (view on Google Sidewiki)

Yahoo! Search Marketing is Only Relevant in the USA

In the UK, Europe, Australia and a lot of the Middle East and Asia users have wisely dumped Yahoo!

Only in the USA and parts of Asia do users still continue to use Yahoo! Search. As a result, Y!SM is virtually useless anywhere outside of the USA and some parts of Asia.

Their service is abysmal. Their reps have no knowledge, even of their own products and they seem unable to stop the loss of their business.

in reference to: Yahoo! Search Marketing (view on Google Sidewiki)

Absolute Rubbish

Whatever this site may claim, their ranking methodology is absolutely nonsensical. Where they get their data from is anyone's guess!

In a quarter when we did not do a single bit of mobile search marketing, our own ranking shot up and held top 10 position for 3 straight months.

in reference to: Rankings of Best Search Engine Optimization Companies, Best Search Engine Marketing Firms, Rankings of Best SEO Firms (view on Google Sidewiki)

Started as an open links market place

Google has aggressively clamped down on a number of link buyers and sellers. Text Link Ads, due to its historically open nature was an easy target. They've since tightened their belt and tried to make it more difficult for Google to identfy buyers and sellers on the network. Nevertheless, this has probably cost them quite a few customers.

in reference to: http://www.text-link-ads.com/ (view on Google Sidewiki)

To Summarise Facebook Marketing 101...

1. Offer promos (discounts etc) to fans
2. Prompt interaction - feedback, comments, like etc.
3. Get found in real time search- because its the latest buzz-word
4. Get more fans - HOW? This article doesn't bother to get into that single most important detail!

in reference to: Facebook Marketing 101 - Search Engine Watch (SEW) (view on Google Sidewiki)