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Thursday, 24 December 2009

Twisted Google Logic: If Google Search Isn't Open, Google's Good, but If Microsoft Isn't Open, They're Bad?

The post titled "The meaning of open" on the Google Public Policy blog reeks of hypocrisy.

Google claims to be open when it suits them - when they're about to launch their own operating system that will go head-to-head with Microsoft Windows.

When it comes to their own search and advertising algorithms - their real money earners - though, they are perfectly happy to be absolutely "closed".

Of course, Google's defense is that if they were to open source their search ranking algorithm, spammers would swoop in and make a terrible user experience.


And if Microsoft did the same, and a bunch of hackers and spammers swooped in and took over control of our PCs wouldn't that be a much, MUCH worse user experience?

Google needs to just face the facts. They're happy to make tall claims so long as it doesn't affect their real revenue stream. Where it comes to their real bread and butter, though, they protect it with cloaks and daggers.

In reference to:
"The meaning of open"
- Google Public Policy Blog: The meaning of open (view on Google Sidewiki)

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Feedburner Could Replace Twitterfeed

The socializing on Twitter feature recently added on Feedburner is excellent. It makes the need for Twitterfeed almost redundant, especially for webmasters who already use Feedburner for their RSS.
in reference to: AdSense for Feeds: Socializing your feed with Twitter (view on Google Sidewiki)

Google Browser-Size Is Usefull But Needs Refinement

The latest tool by Google allows webmasters to visualise how much of their website is visible to users with different browsers / screen sizes.

At present, the site doesn't account for websites that use smarter CSS styles to adjust size or layout. As a result, it isn't really very accurate without some adjustment.

If your site uses dynamic size or positioning, you need to first reduce your browser to fit the site and then use Google's Browser Size in order to get an accurate measure of your site's visible area for various browser sizes.
in reference to: Browser Size (view on Google Sidewiki)

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Feedzilla - One Of The Most Popular RSS Aggregators

Feedzilla's name was eponymous with RSS. The company grew with the advent of RSS. Its growth and the buzz around it has fizzled out a bit, though, the usage of RSS has definitely not!

In its latest form, the Feedzilla site provides a simple 3 step process for site owners to add an RSS news widget to their site.
in reference to: Free RSS News Widgets and RSS Gadgets - Feedzilla.com (view on Google Sidewiki)

Free SEO News Feed From Feedzilla

Our opinion might be biased, but Feedzilla have chosen an excellent source for their SEO news feed. Go check it out for yourself - http://uk.feedzilla.com/internet/seo/
in reference to: Free RSS News Feeds Widgets and RSS Gadgets - Feedzilla.com (view on Google Sidewiki)

Friday, 4 December 2009

The Microsoft Mobile Advertising Farce

Taken from @AccuraCast on Twitter

Started by calling adCenter to discuss 3 new mobile marketing campaigns.

adCenter account manager sounds shocked anyone would want to advertise on Microsoft Mobile

adCenter Act. Manager tells me to call Microsoft Advertising - 0800 456 700 option 1

I call 0800 456 700 x1 - the phone rings 2.5 times, then goes to message saying "No one is availab." beeps & cuts off

Microsoft Advertising answering system cuts me off 3 times. I finally call operator, who transfers me to same message

Now i'm getting pissed off at the farce that is Microsoft Mobile Advertising

So I try Microsoft Advertising operator again (tell her don't transfer to msg that cuts off. She says no other option!

I now call Microsoft @adCenter support (not our act. manager) They sound surprised at Mobile Ads again!

adCenter Rep gives me a new number - this one for Microsoft UK, totally useless, as I don't need to activate Windows!!

I am now beyond furious

Fortunately, the #MicrosoftMobileFarce doesn't end here. I call back an @adcenterRep and get told to fill in the MS Advertising online form

As I fill in the @MSAdvertising form the @adcenterrep asked me to, I realise its not geared for Mobile ad inquiries

adCenter rep is totally helpless now. Sounds like he's given up on MS advertising on mobile before i have

So now, here I am asking Microsoft Advertising: Does mobile mean anything to you? If you aren't serious about mobile, don't pretend to do it!

And adCenter rep please clue in all your reps on mobile advertising if it is something you guys are serious about

Because really, there is nothing now that makes me not just want to dump Microsoft Advertising and go right back to Google Mobile ads!!!

And yes, if you think I'm ranting, I have damn well earned the right to!
in reference to: Mobile internet advertising: new MSN mobile advertising channel Going Mobile (view on Google Sidewiki)

Update: MSAdvertising responded to my rant on Twitter and offered to call us instead. Waiting to hear what they have to say.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Google Public DNS a.k.a. Google Wants To Own The Internet

By configuring your network settings to use Google Public DNS as your domain name servers, instead of the standard domain lookup performed by your Internet Service Provider, you might speed up your browsing and improve your security.

However, what you most definitely will do is let Google know absolutely EVERYTHING about your life on the Internet - what sites you visit, when you visit them, how often you visit, what you do on those sites and more!

Here are some interesting excerpts from the Privacy statement for Google Public DNS:

"The temporary logs store the full IP address of the machine you're using ... We delete these temporary logs within 24 to 48 hours."

"In the permanent logs ... We do keep some location information, request domain name, request type, whether the request hit our frontend cache, absolute arrival time in seconds, user's geolocation information"

Interesting or just plain scarey?

in reference to: Google Public DNS (view on Google Sidewiki)

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Regional Tags in SERPs Very Useful in the UK

A lot of bloggers and tweeter have been complaining recently about the insurgence of US websites in UK search engine results pages. This new feature should assuage those complainers.

It should also help consumers as most shoppers don't want to buy from US websites (and pay higher shipping / import duty charges), and the indication of a UK versus non-UK location of a .com or .net site will prevent users from wasting time clicking on geographically irrelevant results.

in reference to: Official Google Webmaster Central Blog: Region Tags in Google Search Results (view on Google Sidewiki)