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Friday, 4 December 2009

The Microsoft Mobile Advertising Farce

Taken from @AccuraCast on Twitter

Started by calling adCenter to discuss 3 new mobile marketing campaigns.

adCenter account manager sounds shocked anyone would want to advertise on Microsoft Mobile

adCenter Act. Manager tells me to call Microsoft Advertising - 0800 456 700 option 1

I call 0800 456 700 x1 - the phone rings 2.5 times, then goes to message saying "No one is availab." beeps & cuts off

Microsoft Advertising answering system cuts me off 3 times. I finally call operator, who transfers me to same message

Now i'm getting pissed off at the farce that is Microsoft Mobile Advertising

So I try Microsoft Advertising operator again (tell her don't transfer to msg that cuts off. She says no other option!

I now call Microsoft @adCenter support (not our act. manager) They sound surprised at Mobile Ads again!

adCenter Rep gives me a new number - this one for Microsoft UK, totally useless, as I don't need to activate Windows!!

I am now beyond furious

Fortunately, the #MicrosoftMobileFarce doesn't end here. I call back an @adcenterRep and get told to fill in the MS Advertising online form

As I fill in the @MSAdvertising form the @adcenterrep asked me to, I realise its not geared for Mobile ad inquiries

adCenter rep is totally helpless now. Sounds like he's given up on MS advertising on mobile before i have

So now, here I am asking Microsoft Advertising: Does mobile mean anything to you? If you aren't serious about mobile, don't pretend to do it!

And adCenter rep please clue in all your reps on mobile advertising if it is something you guys are serious about

Because really, there is nothing now that makes me not just want to dump Microsoft Advertising and go right back to Google Mobile ads!!!

And yes, if you think I'm ranting, I have damn well earned the right to!
in reference to: Mobile internet advertising: new MSN mobile advertising channel Going Mobile (view on Google Sidewiki)

Update: MSAdvertising responded to my rant on Twitter and offered to call us instead. Waiting to hear what they have to say.

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