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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Sphinn, a.k.a. The SEM Elitist Network

Sphinn, like many other services begun by search marketers tends to be an elitist site filled with cliques and fanboys/girls who only vote on each others' stories.

The result is a site full of "news" and "discussion" that is merely a repeat of "news" and "discussion" from a handful of SEM loudmouths' websites.

Does anyone actually read the content on this site, or is it just another link propogation venue?
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Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Google Should Never Have Agreed To Censor SERPs In China In The First Place

When Google first launched in China in a big way, they agreed to accept some of the Chinese governments demands, and censored certain search results. Google drew a lot of flack for their decision back then.

Now, when their own datacentres have been attacked, Google's decided to stop censoring their search results on Google.cn.

Some might praise Google for making a tough business decision to uphold their morals.

Others will most likely see this for what it is - empty threats in order to gain press attention and gain some powerful allies before talking with the Chinese government about their policies.

Given the size of the Chinese market, Google cannot really afford to pull out of that market completely - their shareholders won't take to such a potential loss in revenue kindly.

China too can't publicly justify the actions of the hackers, whether they were backed by the government or not.

Some middle ground will therefore have to be reached.

The only question that remains, though, is why did Google not "Do No Evil" in the first place, and why did it take getting their own resources hacked for them to grow a spine?

in reference to: Official Google Blog: A new approach to China (view on Google Sidewiki)