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Thursday, 26 August 2010

Google Pushes Users To View Ads On Transactional Queries

The results of the latest eye-tracking study carried out on Google & Yahoo! search results shows some excellent information about how users interact with the search results pages.

Looking at the eye-tracking results on the SERP for a transactional query (e.g. Hotels Granada") one can see that the user have 2 options:

1. View hotels on a map in the organic results
2. Click on the sponsored link results.

Viewing a place page about a single hotel on a map is not what users typically will want when searching to book a hotel.

Their best option therefore becomes clicking on the paid search results.

While Google claim that providing universal search results such as the map or videos and images is good for users, it's obviously very good for Google's revenues too!
in reference to: How user's intention influence behavior in Search Results, DynBiz (view on Google Sidewiki)