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Thursday, 24 November 2011

Facebook joins the Smart war

It seems like Facebook will be the next big player to join the SmartPhone war thanks to a deal with HTC which will enable the big F to launch its first SmartBook or FacePhone, code name: Buffy. The guys from Facebook have realised the importance of mobile connectivity, which has enabled an exponential growth of mobile devices, and decided to grasp a slice of the fatty cash cow by entering in partnership with one of the best brand in the SmartPhone market, HTC. As you probably know, HTC relies on the powerful and highly flexible Android operating system, which is thought Facebook will be able to redesign in order to perfectly integrate it to its social network and deliver a brand new SmartPhone which will be far different from other Android ran devices, such as the Samsung Galaxy.

It looks like we will have to wait at least one year before we can get hold of the new FacePhone/SmartBook. Hope it will be worth waiting for!

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