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Thursday, 17 November 2011

"Integration" : a new motto for YouTube

We received earlier this week a few comments about some serious redesigns on YouTube. It’s not only a cosmetic change that Google is introducing in his new version… As in Hairspray (John Waters movie), the most important word is “integration”. Only a few of us (not me unfortunately) are able to discover and try the beta version of the new YouTube. Most online companies do the same before launching new features: they ask some of their members to try them and share their thoughts/concern/tips.
The main target for Google is to set up an easier tool to share video content using your Google+ account. And to aim the goal, they’ve redesigned most of the website from the doodle in the address bar to the creation of a left column: this last feature is very important in the process of integration. It allows you to sorts your Subscriptions, your Featured videos and the Recommended content. Furthermore, the new-YouTube will show you content shared by your friend/acquaintance to Google+: you are now deeply connected to your friends (oooops sorry I meant “Circles”)
You can find here the comments posted by one of the lucky beta user. I’m really looking forward to trying it: I always thought there was a missing link between Google+ and YouTube which prevented Google + to match its slogan “Real-life sharing rethought for the web”

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