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Friday, 4 November 2011

Internet Explorer declining

Shocking news coming from the Internet world: Internet Explorer, after 10 years of dominance, is used by less than 50% of all the Internet users. Even though considered the most known and used browser, Internet Explorer has lost the majority of the market, with ‘only’ 49.59% users. Even though still considerably large stake of the market, it is important to underline the fact that Internet Explorer is encountering real problems in a sector, the mobile browser market, where other players such as Safari and Android are dominating. This confirms something: the guys from Redmond have lost the right path and are responsible for the troubles that Microsoft overall is facing, unable to predict the future and offer valid products to new markets such as the mobile one. It is hoped that, through the collaboration with another sleeping giant, Nokia, Microsoft could be able to recover its status and market share. If that’s not too late…

For further information, go to netmarketshare.com

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