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Thursday, 2 February 2012

Disappointing News for Apple iPhone 4S - Siri or Scots?

iLovers BEWARE, you might want to think twice before buying the iPhone 4S. 
We all know that iPhone 4S's USP is its software, Siri. The software assistant, on hearing the voice commands,  is able to carry a series of activities such as sending text messages, dialing calls and conducting online searches. 

Millions of people speak English, but all have different accents. This could create some problems, especially if you come from Scotland.

As you can see, one of the major drawbacks of Siri is its inability to get the hang of the different accents.
The company claims Siri to be capable enough to understand the natural accent but is that completely true? 
Currently, Siri is available in 3 languages and is soon to start supporting few Asian languages but if the software does not understand different accents then what chance does it stand of understanding any other language?  

Quick Suggestion- Change your accent before you buy an iPhone 4S. 

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