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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Google releases interesting figures on mobile search

In the past couple of weeks Google has released some interesting figures on the mobile searches made by its users, highlighting the importance of mobile devices in the searches that consumers make.

Google today announced that 28% of all travel related searches made in 2011 were via a mobile device, with tablets accounting for a third of this. This could have serious impacts on travel companies who should evaluate their mobile marketing and the design of their mobile websites to ensure that they are user friendly and effective. Considering the number of holidays booked in the UK each year, travel agents and airlines should ensure that the function to purchase tickets and packages is specifically tailored to mobile to maximise the number of purchases following mobile search.

Google also revealed that 62% of all searches for restaurants on valentine's day were conducted via mobile devices, with the frequency increasing in the week prior to the 14th February. The company has since encouraged businesses in these sectors to optimise their mobile sites to ensure that are not missing potential revenue opportunities. The image below charts the number of searches for restaurants made prior to valentine's day via desktop, mobile and tablet.

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