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Friday, 10 February 2012

What happened during the Super Bowl?

Youtube has recently revealed figures on viewers trends before, during and after the Super Bowl with regards to ad-related searches. These searches have been strongly influenced by the great amount of ads and ad-teasers that have been aggressively streamed in various media channels. Top searches during the first half of the game were: 'OK Go - Needing/Getting', the new music video from OK Go made in partnership with Chevrolet, 'bud light platinum commercial' and 'm&m commercial'.

Searches towards the end of the game changed as viewers wanted to watch again those commercials which had been shown during the half time break. More precisely, the top searches this time were 'clint eastwood commercial' (Chrysler) and the sexy tattooed 'David Beckham superbowl commercial' (H&M).

Ads shown during the Super Bowl have also had a significant impact on other related searches: the new ad introducing the Samsung Note, which features Darkness' hit 'I believe in a thing called love' has caused a boost in searches for the original song.

If we also take into account that there have been approximately 30 million Youtube views of Super Bowl ads and ad-teasers before the event, the result is simply outstanding!

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