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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Google Chauffeur - Transformers? [Video]

Google, as we know, is a genius when it comes to providing information and making life simple. Recently the browser, Google Chrome, became the world's number one browser overtaking Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) but sadly the victory lasted just for a day (March 18). It won't be long before we hear they are back on the top.

The company wants to get it's hands on everything whether it be your smartphone or your driver, I mean really, your car driver. Google software engineer, Sebastian Thrun, for the past two years has been working on the 'self-driving car' experiment where the project hit a breakthrough of 200,000 miles with the car routing by itself taking into account a number of factors such as traffic patterns and weather through radar sensors.

Google claims it's new technology could save lives and encourage car sharing. What's your say on that??

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