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Friday, 23 March 2012

Google knows when you need an umbrella!

The other day I was stumbling from an online shop to another searching for some good deals on bicycles because, believe it or not, the Spring has finally arrived in the cold and grey UK. What better idea than a nice ride in the park with this lovely sunshine? Since I started this research, ads showing bikes and accessories have been literally spamming my screen, regardless of whether I was at work reading some news or at home watching a Youtube video. Even though I don't need a bike any more! 
Google doesn't want to stop there, and has recently secured intellectual rights for a new system which will be able to adapt ads based on the weather. Which means: if I am sitting in the park with my mates and suddenly it starts raining, Google will automatically tell me where to find the nearest shop that sells umbrellas. 
This news has already caused criticism as it seems clear that Google, unsatisfied with the huge control it already has on our online activities, is aiming at capitalising on our offline lives too. What else shall we expect in the near future? Surely smartphones and other mobile devices that can make communication between online and offline world much more immediate: will Google be able to tell me that I need a shower when my smartphone will detect some sort of unpleasant smell?

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