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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Sell your Instagram photos online

The current popularity of Instagram is undoubted, it is rumoured that it now has 25 million users although this remains unconfirmed it is likely to be fairly accurate as the network has gained around 10 million followers since Christmas 2011.

Instagram photos have, in a sense, become an art form and a website that launches this week offers users the opportunity to sell their Instagram photos online.

Hashpix sells Instagram photos on behalf of users, taking 30% of the profits however uses must apply to the site if they wish to begin selling photos. During the launch of the site, Hashpix will only sell selected photos from 12 of the networks most popular users who have amassed over 800,00 followers between them. Currently prices are fixed and only vary by image size, three sizes of print are available between $18 and $22.

Hashpix is extremely innovative and could be extremely successful, the layout for the site looks like this:

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