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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Ugandans offended by KONY 2012

The most viral video in the history, KONY 2012, was for the first time screened for the Ugandan people by a non-profit organization, African Youth Initiative Network (AYINET) in Northern Uganda. Although the incentive was to show them the support of Western nations, Ugandans however reacted violently by throwing rocks at the screen. A local Ugandan LRA survivor on watching the video stated: "If people in those countries care about us, they will not wear t-shirts of Joseph Kony for any reason, that would celebrate our suffering."

Several reports confirm that people of Uganda are angry about the campaign. Also according to Al-Jazeera reports, one of the reasons behind this unexpected reaction may be the organization, Invisible Children, who may have manipulated the facts to promote the cause.

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