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Friday, 6 April 2012

Facebook vs Google: the new Social Search War

According to Businessweek, Facebook is currently working on a search engine that can compete with Mountain View by offering an even more personalised searching experience. In fact, the new FB search engine might integrate, as for Google +, search results with what our FB friends 'like' and have viewed. If this rumour happens to be true, we would be able to see a 'social to search' move as opposed to the 'search to social' move that we have already seen with Google and Google+: similar outcome but from opposite starting points. A team of twenty super-engineers are working on this not-so-top-secret plan that confirms how FB, like the big G, is taking the social search concept very seriously. We are only at a premature stage, as Google+ can confirm, but this seems to be the ideal path towards a deeper integration between search and social.   

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