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Monday, 23 April 2012

This infographic shows how to measure the results of your social media strategy.
The first step is to define specific and measurable KPIs and have metrics in line with business goals.The second one will be to measure the Social Media campaigns with Google Analytics, landing pages, social interactions, etc. Tools, there are many Social Media tools, paid and free. Use them to collect all the information in order to be ready for the next step: interpretation of every metric network. Both, quantitative and qualitative data, activity, loyalty data, etc. Finally, check your strategy and ask yourself if you are meeting your goals. If you are not achieving them then identify the problem, analyzing the content or its format, publishing schedule, study your audience and their comments, and don't forget to think about your goals, maybe they are a bit unrealistic. Otherwise, if you are meeting your goals be sure to measure and act on results, maintain an active listening and carry on testing to get even better results.

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