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Thursday, 24 May 2012

The Art Social Media and Gary Vaynerchuk

Social media, even with its popularity, is still not fully understood. Great social media is a combination of good customer service, self promotion, interaction and personality. That last aspect is key. I have seen so many, mainly corporate, social media accounts that lack in personality. If you are new to twitter and see it as a place to write marketing statements which are then checked by committee just to ensure it that it doesn't offend anyone, it has very little appeal to me. Fortunately it is under-going change. Companies are slowly getting wiser to what people find appealing on twitter.

One person that has been ringing this bell for quite a while is Gary Vaynerchuk, a football loving wine cono sur that has made his name marketing wine on the internet. This first video is purely evidence of how on the pulse of the industry Gary Vaynerchuk is. Here he is predicting Facebook's aqusistion of Instagram back in December of last year.

He spends his time giving keynotes around the world, advising fortune 100 companies on their social media output and gesticulating. His books "Crush It" and 'The Thank you Economy' have gone on to sell millions globally and he has made appearances on Conan, Ellen as well as been featured in Time and The Wall Street Journal. So if you are unsure and want to heed some advice about your social media output, Gary is your guy.

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