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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Social Media has Changed the World of Sport Forever.

The world of sport has been revolutionised by social media. This really will be the summer of sport. Olympics, Wimbledon, and Euros are all set to dominate the global playing field. The stage is set for the worlds best to compete all with the population of the globe gazing upon them. What is different about this summer, more so than past events, is the level of immediate feedback that the internet has brought us. To think that these grand events never used to have twitter is astounding to me as I simply can't be without it. Even productions like Eurovision and the Brit Awards are relatively palatable with social media.

While this greater accessibly to information and opinion is a good thing, the issue is that some of these opinions or thoughts are given greater weight than they probably should have. With a few keystrokes you can find what people think on any given subject and a lot of these people aren't particularly well informed. If the collective ignorance resonates with people on twitter then it can snowball and it can get rather difficult to damage control.

Yesterday at 1pm new England manager Roy Hodgson announced his England team for the 2012 European championship. By 2pm without a game being played, without a ball being kicked #HodgsonOut was trending worldwide on twitter. The lesson? Don't choose a team that is different from irritated England fans.

The internet, with its lack of regulation and with information lacking any form of fact checking, it can be a hot bed for ignorance. But what it also has done has given people greater freedom. For example, you want to find out the design mentality behind the football being used in the match you are watching? Just give it a quick Google. Want to find out how Andy Murry is doing at Wimbledon while you are away? Just have a look on Twitter. With the magic of the internet there really is a world of information at your finger tips.

It is a remarkable thing social media. Information in real time, that is largely accurate from personalities, presenters, and news sources which you have chosen and which you trust. This is why it resonates with people and this is why there really is no going back. Social media is here forever, and I for one welcome our Twitter overlords.

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