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Thursday, 10 May 2012

What Can Sony Do Next?

Sony announced today that is has been yet another year of annual losses, $5.7 billion to be specific. It is difficult to see how a once big time player in the music, film, technology and gaming industries, is now doing a lot of soul searching as to what to do next. The music and film industry has been rife with piracy and Sony, along with the film, TV and music industry, has been poor responding to that. On the technology side of things, it has also been rather rough waters. The emergence of Apple has changed things considerably, and it seems Sony is playing catch up.

On the gaming side of things, while they are leaders when it comes to console gaming, the stability of the console industry is slowly becoming more and more doubtful. Sony's attempt to take advantage of the rise of mobile gaming with the PS Vita has also not been entirely successful so far either.

All this shouldn't detract from how reputable Sony is and what they have achieved in their life span, but the question is what next? What can Sony do to improve their situation?

One such thing I would wish to see would be a greater integration of better valued digital content. If you have a smartphone, would you wish to pay £250 upwards for a new device with games around £30 each or pay 99p for a game that you can use already on your Iphone or Android device?

While I do think that some games are worth a greater price, tag along with the purchase of a specialised gaming device, there is something amiss with some of Sony's prices. Some of the physical copies of their games are available in store around £30, yet some of these same games are being sold digitally on the Playstation Network at around £40. All this is hardly going to lure people into going digital. This also extends to media and music side of things. In some cases it is actually more expensive to consume content digitally than to purchase the physical copy, which is why services like Spotify and Netflix are fast becoming consumer favourites. Cheaper with great accessibility to the content they love.

With a prediction of a profitable Sony to come in the next year, it would be assuring to see a company that is still producing great content getting up to speed again. But what do you think Sony can do to improve their future prospects? Let us know in the comments!

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