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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Dear Businesses, Twitter is Not a Platform for Your Newsletter

It is a big pet peeve of mine. You can trawl the twitter-sphere and see thousands of accounts created for businesses. So how do they utilise what they have? Generally the entirety of their twitter stream will be  "Why not click here for 40% off X product" or "Today we are announcing the new X! Click here NOW!"

Why is this a pet peeve? Because they are using twitter like a newsletter, which it isn't. Twitter and Facebook are about interaction and personality. Traditional push marketing simply doesn't work in social media. Prior to sending a tweet simply think to your self, would I want to engage with this? It may seem obvious but the number of businesses yet to have grasped this is astonishing.

Along with this push marketing mentality on a social media, there is a disgusting level of inoffensiveness. When your tweets are written by committee it will undergo a certain level of creative sterilization, examining every minute detail to ensure that it causes little to no offence to anyone. It may cause no offence but because you have no voice or personality, no-one cares.

Now this is not to say don't push your product, what I'm saying is engage. Those that read your tweets are people that have thoughts and opinions, this is what your brand should have. Humanise yourself and then push.

A friend of mine had a bit of an obsession for wrestling at one point, so he decided to start up 'Pro Wrestling 4 U' a professional wrestling company that tours around the Midlands. The twitter page is certainly not inoffensive, it's not entirely professional a lot of the time, but it works. Phil Woodvine, along with my self, worked in chat rooms for a gambling company for a long period of time, honing that creative line between personable and offensive. He crossed that line numerous times but he was popular, why? Because he catered exactly to what the customers wanted, a funny affable character with almost nauseating levels of flirting and Carry On-esque sexual innuendo (most of the customers were stay at home mums you see).

The recent news of video games company Game encouraging stores to start up and monitor their own twitter feeds is more than a step in the right direction, especially considering my previous complaints about the company.

The essence of my point? Have fun, be creative and stop spamming. For the love of God stop spamming.

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