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Thursday, 21 June 2012

What Is The Point In Viddy?

If there is one social network that has been the success story of 2012, its Instagram. Take a picture, use its build-in effects to tailor the image to how you wish  and share it across Instagram's own social network. The beauty of it popularity was both the ease of sharing the images you create and the ease of which you are able to create those images. Say for example you are eating at a restaurant and you think what has been served to you is rather pleasing to the eye. You take a well angled photo, with a nice filter and there you have your self content that other people will find interesting. No DSLRs, no Photoshop, essentially nothing that halts your journey from inspiration to creation.

Soon enough people wondered if this could be done with video, and so Viddy was born. Capture a moment on your iPhone, apply a filter - along with some basic editing if you wish- and you are able to freely distribute it at your leisure. Viddy also subscribes to the idea limiting your resources will force to cut what you don't absolutely need and leave you with the best of your creation. Much like Twitter in that respect. Because of this you are only able to produce videos that can be 15 seconds long. It may not sound like much to do anything, but this drastically improves is the discovery process. For example, with Instagram you know instantly what content people produce. And while Viddy is hoping to have the same ease when it comes to discovering content as Instagram, it is debatable whether or not 15 seconds is too limiting. I would argue that it is not. 

Viddy is not YouTube. It is not designed to give you free reign to rant about a movie, perform an entire song, sell your product or show you playing video games. The beauty of it that is gives you a snap shot of a moment and 15 seconds is pretty good for that. Have better moments and you have better content I say.

So how can marketers take advantage of this? Just in the same way that you are supposed to take advantage of social media in general. Have a personality, be creative and have fun with it. Don't put up pitches of your products or your services, develop something different. Mashable compiled a list of a number of brands that are doing it right. It is not a service that has fully flourished just yet, despite Justin Bieber's presence. But big things will happen with Viddy, so why not give it a try if you haven't already. 

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