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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Double life? The app created for that

The digital future trends indicate that privacy and anonymity are disappearing fast. New virtual realities such as blogs and social networks put everyone's life into a huge world where private becomes public. These days, protecting one's own intimate information is harder than ever but from next week a new app will seek to help users for whom this is a pressing concern.

As we all know, nowadays there is an app for almost everything. From next Wednesday a new app will allow people to use a temporary additional number, separate from the other main line in order to call, text or share data from the same phone. The new program, provided on iOS by Apple, is ideal for those users who want to date, sell and buy on-line, use social media and much more without sharing personal information. The extra number defaults to the native area code and it can be kept for as long a time as the user wants. Once it is deactivated it is deleted forever and anyone trying to reach it will hear a simple out-of-service message. The app, called “The Burner”, it costs $1.99 and it can be easly downloaded from iTunes Store.
Although the ethics of such program could be frowned upon from an ethical standpoint due to the fact it could be a boost to those wishing to perform illegal activities, the real aim of “The Burner” is merely to help people against the the world's tendency nowadays to steal our private life. It is only to be expected that more and more programs with similar aims will be released in the near future.

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