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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Gmail runs away but it still not enough

Recent research by comScore has confirmed that more users choose web-based email services, as opposed to downloading their e-mail onto the computer.

Who company do you think is the most popular web based email provider?

You've got mail!

Surprisingly, the most used web-based email site is not Gmail! In fact, the research shows Hotmail, just renamed and renewed in Office.com, to be on the top of the Email category with 108.2 million users. The research also revealed that in second and third place sit Google Mail, with 74.7 million visitors, and Yahoo with 44.3 million.
Despite Google mail's placing it had a much higher growth rate, 18% higher than last year, than Hotmail, who have seen growth of just 1% in the past 12 months.

Looking deeper into the research's results, we can see that there are some differences between countries. The UK had the highest market penetration of web based email users at 82.7%, followed by Spain at 79.2% and Netherlands at 78.9%. In this list, Europe came only in eighth position at 69.5%, behind Russian Federation (69.6%).

And you? Which web based email service are you using?

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