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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Google FIber: a revolution or just a fad?

Last week Google launched the video (above) promoting its brand-new product: Google Fiber. It is a TV service based on a broadband connection which is a thousand times faster than the current set up.

It is thought of as a different medium, with 1 gb/sec and is able to offer video-watching experiences without uncomfortable buffers. In other words, users can download/upload instantaneously almost every kind of data (including high-quality video), within a second of clicking.

The explaination of this “revolution” is the new bigger pipe that reduces the internet compression increasing the speed. Through this innovative technology Google is trying to break into new markets, competing directly with cable TV and telephone companies.
Thus the question remains: “Is Google going to become an Internet service and television provider? And is the giant company capable of transforming industries again?

Nobody knows the answer, however in todays world people may not wish for this kind of service, they will probably need it in the future. Hence, once again Google is trying to anticipate consumers' needs, launching products/services considered innovative and pretentious.

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