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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Is your kid keen to have a tablet device?

The majority of people perceive that children of today love video-games, which is partially true and is demonstrated by a recent NPD Group survey on the issue. The reality is that the popularity of tablet devices is increasing rapidly with kids, particularly those aged 4-14, and they are overtaking and replacing games-consoles. The research also showed that youngsters use an average of 5 different devices in their daily activities.
In 2012 alone, tablet usage among this age group has increased by 13%, a fact confirmed as well by the high number of you-tube videos concerning children and babies playing with electronic devices. Basically kids are using tablets to watch movies and TV shows, to play games, read books and listen to the music. Moreover, older children take pictures, share and communicate through social media. In other words, it seems they can easily understand and learn to utilise the whole package of capabilities available on these devices.
This interesting discovery should increase marketer attention to younger audiences. The professionals are now seeing new business opportunities in the marketplace of services and applications as well as brands and entertainment for tablets. In future children may be more influential in the choice of electronic devices within families. Business wise, in the actual market, kids appear more important than in the past.
Although the increase of the popularity of tablets is not a surprise, the fact children are one of the principle audiences using electronic devices comes out of the blue. Hence, from a business perspective, the understanding of kids' needs and preferences regarding this sector has become vital for marketers. 

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