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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Do you constantly forget things? Not any more!

If you are one of those people who constantly misplaces their belongings, then a pair of researchers might have invented the perfect solution for you.

ShahriarNirjon and John Stankovic, two inventors from the University of Virginia, have developed a new algorithm. They have called it Kinsight and it is able to recognise different kind of objects and to find them. 

Do you always forget where have you left your keys and spend a lot of time?
Well, from today you can save your time by "asking" Kinsight where your keys or others objects are. In fact the sensors in the software can search throughout the living space and analyse movements and objects to help us find missing items.

Kinsight is able to memorize where certain objects are. Moreover, the software is smart enough to know the places that a certain kind of object could typically be. The two computer science researchers had the aim to help inattentive people and improve their quality of life, when starting the project and at the moment they are working on an app to offer the same functions on smartphones.

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