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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

iPhone vs Samsung S3

Now that the new iphone has been released some would say that the bigger screen/ battery, A6 chip and retina display is something short of the expectations that people had.
However there is another device on the market, the king of android the Samsung S3. Even though it may be larger by a millimetre       it boasts a larger screen by almost an inch diagonally and has been doing all the things that the iphone 5 claims to be capable of already.

If you're one who has to have the latest gadget to keep with the trends or just a tech head who wants to stay ahead. I would recommend you do your research before forking out alot of money for each of these products.Both phones are top of the range, however an iphone is an iphone and apple fans will always stick with ios regardless of the insane price tag!

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