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Thursday, 13 September 2012

They are watching you

Did you know about the new camera that is able to recognise people's faces? Do you have any idea about what this new invention might do? Let's discuss now!

We are speaking about Facedeals, a new service launched by the Red-Pepper marketing company, some weeks ago in August. This new camera uses the Facebook platform to recognise people and uses a complex algorithm to identify faces, by comparing Facebook pictures that users have uploaded.

In this way restaurants, bars and shops that use this service get to know who their clients are and also their interests and preferences. This makes it possible to send personalized advertisements to the client's smartphone, yes, we said “personalised advertisement”. That's possible because Facedeals doesn't simply take pictures from Facebook, it also collects other available information.

People's views about this new service are divided, with those against it worried about their privacy rights and those who are in favour it happy to receive deals and discounts that they couldn't have otherwise had. Anyway, it seems like that only people that authorised the Facedeals app through their Facebook account can be recognised by this camera.

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