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Monday, 1 October 2012

Are you putting too much effort into your social marketing tactics? Well, maybe you are wrong

A study released by Forrester on 24th September, entitled "The Purchase Path of Online Buyers 2012", affirms that social media marketing is not the right tool to drive consumers to e-commerce stores.

In fact the study, which analysed 77,000 online transactions made in the 2 weeks between 1st April and 14th April 2012, discovered that less than 1% of consumers’ orders arrived from social media activities.

Forrester asserts that traditional online marketing strategies, like search and email marketing, could be worth than social media. It appears that consumers are still more influenced by “old marketing tools” than new one. 39% of new consumer transactions arrived from organic or paid search, which are actually the two biggest drivers of new consumers to websites. Moreover, an email from a retailer caused 3 out of 10 transactions by repeat customers, whilst a regular email brought 13% and an email alongside other forms of marketing, as display or paid search ads, brought 17%.

A key problem is that the study didn't include small companies and Forrester Actually admit that Facebook and other social media sites could be big sales drivers for smaller businesses.

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