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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Google given four months to alter privacy policy

Google has been given four months to change its privacy policy. The verdict came after months of investigation by France's Commision Nationale de L'Informatique. The French commission was working on behalf of the EU's 27 national data regulators and they found legal flaws with Google's approach to use their user's data. One of the concerns is how the tech firm uses their user's browsing history for better targeted advertising.

Google started a new policy this year in which it brings together 60 privacy policies into one. They bring together user's data collected from their services like YouTube, Google Maps, Google search and Google+. Before this new policy, this data was separate. Users do not have the ability to opt out of this collection of data. Months before the judgement by France's Commision Nationale de L'Informatique, Google had been warned that the policy might interfere with the data rules set out by the EU.
Regulators gave Google 12 recommendations to bring its privacy policy in order. One of the recommendations is to give their users more information about how their data will be used. According to the CNIL president, disciplinary sanctions will follow if Google does not conform to the recommendations. Google has been fined before when their Street View cars collected unauthorized data on public wifi networks in 2010.

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