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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Google present new mobile devices with Google Now

On Monday November 29th, Google unveiled their 3 new mobile Nexus devices, a smart phone and two tablets of 7 and 10 inches respectively. The global unveiling was scheduled to take place at an event in New York, but the effects of Hurricane Sandy saw that it was cancelled. Instead, the U.S. company published the news from their official blog.
The devices work with android 4.2 and they will use an innovative processor, created in co-operation with LG, and this will allow for extremely fast connection. Each of the devices is thinner, more lightweight and with better usability than their predecessors. They also add programs such as Google Sphere and Google Play, which offer a wide range/number of films and TV series', as well as other products.

But above all, the feature that has garnered the most attention is the that the Google Now program will now be added to all Google devices. The aim is to make life much easier for customers and provide greater efficiency in their products. The program in question uses a complex algorithm, which can determined your interests and subsequently it can send you different offers in relation to your preferences. Obviously it is not a perfect program and certainly it will require many improvements, but it seems a great idea and it can end the typical headaches caused by the need to find a restaurant for dinner in a particular area. That program will send you an email with recommendations in the areas that you would like to go out in. Therefore, this is a program that can greatly reduce the time it usually takes to find a particular shop, restaurant or attraction. Let's see how Google continue to develop this application and ensure the privacy of each user, personally I think it will do more good than harm.

The smart phone will be released on November 13th and will be priced at $299 without contract. Both the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 will be available on this date, with these tablets ranging from between $199 to $499, dollars depending on different specifications.

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