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Wednesday, 17 October 2012

How social media is opening the world?

The technological revolution is connecting the world and social media is one of the main drivers behind this. In the following video, Don Tapscott talks about the 4 principles for the open world.
Don Tapscott is an expert in this field and understand the role of the technology in business and society better than anyone. During the 18 minutes of his speech, he mentions the importance of the value of collaboration in the new age of the network intelligence.

He explains the four principles of the open world using different examples for each:

1- Collaboration: Social media can become social production.

2- Transparency: As time passes, society is becoming more transparent, so withholding information is become extremely difficult. Thus we need to create better value in order to gain trust from our stakeholders.

3- Sharing: We must openly show what we know in order to gain one of the most important factors, trust. If everyone does it, we can get the world brainstorming and developing us.

4- Empowerment: Social media means that information is everywhere, so knowledge can be easily obtained and is a catalyst of the spring revolution.

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