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Monday, 22 October 2012

iStella - the new Italian search engine

The new Italian search engine provided by Tiscali, iStella, is set to be released in November 2012.
It’s not the first time that an Italian company have attempted to make a new search engine became famous. The most recent example, which occurred only several months ago, was Volunia. Today nobody speaks about that and this begs the question of whether the iStella search engine will fare better?
Renato Soru

The Italian team, led by Renato Soru, have developed a new search engine. It won't be a direct competitor for Google, but a new way to use the search engine. It will contain 3 billions pages, which includes all the Italian web plus the pages that Italians view. People will find topics about the history of Italy as well as archives of organizations, foundations and institutions that are currently not on the web.

The 5 main characteristics of iStella will are that:
  1. Everyone can participate and add content and documents,
  2. Any research will be tracked
  3. Objective results are ensure when a search is made
  4. Popularity will not be the most influential factor for results. That means that if somebody searches the phrase “Dante Alighieri” (the major Italian poet of the Middle Ages) the first results will be about the poet and not about, for example, a restaurant called Dante Alighieri (is such a restaurant exists)
  5. All the available pages will be for free for everyone who wants to make studies on the Italian web.

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