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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Planning Your Online Campaign

Before starting any online marketing campaign for a website, you should define the objectives that you wish to achieve from it and build your strategy from here.

These goals should also influence the developments of your website and landing pages, as it will help to achieve more visitors online and potentially lead to greater conversions.

Developing the perfect strategy should also involve asking the following questions:

-Are we targeting companies and adopting a B2B approach? If so, then we should use technical language in our ad copy and focus our ad positioning in specific areas, such as relevant social media and search engines of our niche.

-Are we heading to clients and adopting a B2C approach? Consequently, we would use everyday language in our efforts in order to convey our messages more effective and convert as much of our target audience as possible. In this situation our positioning should be in generic search engines.

-Are our online efforts targeting to a local, regional, state or even international audience? A key consideration here will be the number of languages what we are going to use. Moreover, if the same language is used in different countries, then we should consider researching commonly used terms and exploring culture.

When we are sure about our target audience, we will begin website design and include promotional information. However you should also consider the aim of the site itself, as this will affect the layout and messages on the site. For example e-commerce sites will look different to informative sites that are not aimed solely at converting customer. 

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