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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Anti-Social Media

People spend hours each month on social media platforms, engaged in correspondence with their friends and family, tweeting about current news and being spoon fed information about a rainbow of topics. But those very same platforms, which are supposed to connect people, are making society more introverted
The following picture depicts the increasing usage of platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, but bear in mind – it does not include users who log in through mobile applications. Some might say spending too long on social networks has become “unhealthy” and even “addictive”. In fact, some users have been reported to spend up to 12 hours each day on twitter.

So when people are going about their day, they are more focused on their mobile devices than actually greeting others and making a real connection. They might also not see the point in making the effort to actually meet each other since they can simply talk online. In the case of participating in an event, users might become so engrossed with sharing it with the rest of the world that they will be essentially missing it

But the biggest concern is for children, who are yet to develop socially. What was once considered as play time, where interaction with other kids occurred, is now replaced with hours of chatting online. As a child, social situations shape personalities, build character and prepare for human interactions in adulthood .The dangers beyond ant- social behaviour include being exposed to sexual/violent material, as well as individuals with hidden agendas.

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