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Monday, 5 November 2012

Facebook: a new design could be the next step.

Have you heard the social media news? It seems that Facebook is testing a new design for profile page, according to recent articles from Mashable.
So be prepared for a Facebook change! When it was introduced in December 2011, timeline received a huge amount of criticism and users complained that the two-column layout was confusing. If you hate the new timeline as well and preferred the older layout, then this new design could make you happy.

The new profile page will appear in two-column layout, as it is now, but without the vertical line that divides a profile in half. The big change will consist of a column purely for posts on the left side while friends, places, activities updates and other sections will appear on the right. Moreover, posts on the left side will have a bigger size than sections on the right, which would give posts more visibility and make them far more readable.

Currently, the new design is still simply a test for a small percentage of users, but we can already imagine how it would appear on our profiles and make a decision on whether we will enjoy this change.

What are your views and how do you picture the new timeline?

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