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Friday, 16 November 2012

Ingress - "The world around you is not what it seems"

Alernate Reality Games (ARG's) are arguably one of the most entertaining and interactive marketing techniques, using the real world as a platform for virtual treasure hunts and storytelling. Beginning as method of promoting films, ARG's have recently been used by a number of the biggest global brands including McDonald's, Levis and Google, who have recently introduced their latest ARG - Ingress. However this is an ARG with a twist, as it incorporates Augmented reality within the gameplay.

As with all ARG's Ingress began with a 'Rabbithole', a form of cryptic clue designed to spark interest and excitement, which came in the form of a teaser video. As the teaser video below shows, the game concerns a battle between 'The Enlightened' and 'The Resistance' and players must pick a side, accepting the responsibility of fighting for resources for their faction.

The Enlightened are seeking to open a number of portals that will allow them to control minds, whilst the resistance are vying to stop them and after choosing a side, players have the responsibility of gaining control of portals for their team. The game takes place via a free Android app and this is where the element of augmented reality is included, as it uses the players location and maps as a key part of the gameplay. Players can take control of local portals by hacking them, which is extremely similar to a check in on Facebook or Foursquare. To get involved head over to Ingress or download the app now!

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