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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The most commonly used words on Google search in 2012

Everyday millions of people insert hundreds of million keywords into Google search. But what word did we search for most in 2012? 

As expected, 'facebook' is our winner with with more than 3 billion searches. Different variations of the famous social network also appear at the top. The word 'FB' is ranked at number 7, 'facebook login' at number 8, 'face' at number 10 and 'www.facebook.com' is ranked at number 13, adding a cumulative total of 538 million searches.

Other social network sites also ranked very high: 'twitter' is our number 15 with 83 million searches. 'orkut' and 'tuenty' are ranked at number 17 and 21 respectively with approximately 68 million searches each.

Search engines giants, Google and Yahoo have taken the 4th and 5th place with 277 million and 226 million searches. We question why people need to Google 'google'!.

Mail accounts appear to be very popular as well, with 'hotmail' leading the pack at number 3 with 414 million searches (Together with another 55 million from searching 'hotmail.com') 'Gmail'' is number 6 with 185 million searches and' Yahoo mail' is number 11 with 101 million searches

Favourite shopping sites eBay and Amazon are ranked 9th and 16th with 151 million and 68 million searches, demonstrating that although Amazon's recent success it still has a long way to go before catching up with their main competitor.

And last by not least – the porn sites are in places 19, 20, 23, 24 and 25 etc. with 'youporn' in the lead, generating more than 500 million searches. No surprise there, you would think they would have ranked higher, don't you? And where is the word 'sex' in all that (at number 31... That's where)?

Other worth mentioning words are 'youtube' at number 2 with 755 million (coupled with 'you tube' at number 12 with 101 million searches), and Microsoft's 'msn' at number 14 with 83 million hits.

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