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Thursday, 20 December 2012

A 2012 Review from Facebook!

In the past few days, a new feature appeared on your personal Facebook page. To say Goodbye to 2012, Facebook will let you look back at your 20 biggest moments from it.

The Review is available on your wall and is easy to carry out, with you simply clicking the image above (which you will see at the top of your profile). A square with 9 randomly selected, continually changing pictures and a large box, that gives you the possibility to share it, are the first things you will see on the top of the page.

Following this, it shows you the number of friends that you have been adding around the year and the number of pages you liked. Finally the 20 biggest events from the most recent to the oldest are shown through pictures and comments posted during 2012.
So basically, Facebook have developed their own way to wish you a Happy New Year.

Despite this being a good idea, it has still its critics.
First of all, as the 20 biggest moments are chosen from posts you have highlighted, popular posts you have been tagged in and popular posts you have shared, how can Facebook be sure that these are the most important for you?. Even more it could happen that Facebook selects events and incidents posted on during 2012, but which happened before. In that case we shouldn't say that it was one of the biggest events of this year.

Secondly, the resume starts from the most recent event and only in the end of the page (that coincides with events at the start of 2012) Facebook tell us “Happy New Year!”. It would have made more sense for the review to run from the oldest event to the most recent and then say “Happy New Year!”.

In the end we can say that it could be cool to make the feature more customisable, by giving the possibility to choose the most important events of the year and then allowing us to share our highlights.

Anyway it is a nice idea for Facebook to wish us a Happy New Year!

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