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Friday, 14 December 2012

Internet Download Speed by Country

Using a combination of data from Google and information obtained via Net Index, we have created a number of charts depicting file download speed by country and transformed these into the infographic you can see below.

Internet download speed is an important factor to consider, because it represents the speed of navigation and this has become key to the global economy. In an increasingly connected world, where information flows rapidly and is updated continuously, download speeds have proved to be an influence on population efficiency and therefore productivity.

Next, we will explain each graph.

The first one is a global map, depicting the speed of each country by the size of a bubble. The bigger the bubble, the faster download speed is in that country. (An asterisk indicates that no data is available.)

The second image is a graphic detailing the top 25 most populated countries in the world, which account for 72% of all humanity. (Values are in kb per second and data has come from research conducted between 2008 and 2011)

The final figure is limited to countries within the European Union, using the same variables as we used in the second graph.

In this infographic, we can reach different conclusions, some quite popular, some pretty amazing. As a general concept, global download speed is increasing. In my opinion is the best point, as it indicates that the total population can browse greater quantities of information and transmitted this faster. This should positively affect the economies of these countries and improve the overall quality of life.

European nations and certain Asian countries are the regions with higher download speed and South Korea is the country with the highest rate, far above any other country in the 25 most populated. Developed countries are well positioned in the results, which also show increased growth in developing countries, such as the Chinese and Vietnamese connections.
80% of the EU population have a download speed faster than global average, in particular countries with faster download speed are Nordic and north eastern countries, such as Sweden and Lithuania. It is curious that Romania and Bulgaria are the third and sixth respectively, whilst the UK is in a middle position and Italy is ranked last. 

(Created by Adria Izquierdo)

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