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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Internet virgins

Imagine a world with no internet, no likes, pokes or shares, no online shopping or browsing for the latest news online. Well, for some people this is very much a reality. The Office for National Statistics have recently released some interesting information, which states that 7.63 million of adults have not once used the internet. These internet virgins represent 15% of the population. Furthermore, similar research in the field has indicated that an additional 9 million don't have the basic knowledge needed to log onto the internet, make online purchases, watch a video or even send an email. Out of those, men were more prone to be web literate than women (87% as oppose to 83%). 

The problem for those individuals is that more and more companies provide their services solely on the net. No thrills airlines are a prime example of that, making bookings and managing them is done entirely online. Easyjet and Ryanair for example provide very little if any customer service over the phone or in person.

The job market as we know it has also altered, gone were the days of scrolling through the weekly newspaper for wanted ads or marching into the job centre and being sent to a bunch of interviews. It is becoming more and more digitalised each day, with many job centres managing CV analysis and interview invitation online. In addition to this, numerous vacancies only exist on a company's website.

The examples are countless, and normally we would say live and let live, but the trouble is that web illiteracy is estimated to cost the UK economy £3 billion each year. Luckily though, this figure is steadily decreasing each year. It is really hard to believe in today's day and age the lack of skills a large portion of the population have.

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