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Monday, 17 December 2012

The future of online video advertising in 2013

In a period of economic crisis, and especially in the Advertising industry, online video advertising keeps growing and it looks it will perform well next year. The online publication VentureBeat has an interesting series of predictions for 2013, which point to where the online video advertising will be heading to.

ROI will be more important than just noise 

Many advertisers have been experimenting with new 2.0 channels for a number of years, and now hope to get more tangible results on these platforms. It is not enough to simply generate noise, but they expect results. And in order to get them they will increasingly use online advertising videos, which should include information to allow consumers to access directly the brand website, find online shops or download discount coupons for shopping.

Brief is not always good 

It is said that online video advertising is more effective if it is short. But to get the most out of online video ads, advertisers should improve targeting strategies and committing various formats beyond the typical pre-roll ads 15 to 30 seconds.

Native advertising on the spot 

Native advertising - ads that do not interrupt user experience and are seamlessly integrated in the experience - has been on the spot in 2012 and it will be in 2013. As advertisers gain experience in online video advertising, the perception of what makes it effective or not is changing. It seems that in 2013, online video advertising will be more interactive and will seek more effective after viewing.

Pre-roll videos lose influence on mobile devices 

During the last year pre-roll videos have remained the most used format in online video advertising for mobile devices, but it seems that users have had enough of it. Advertisers are aware of this and therefore are searching for more friendly formulas.

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