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Monday, 31 December 2012

The New Year is coming!

You have probably made your plans and attempted to organise the best party of all time, but you still may have some doubts about what to do when the clock strikes 12.

Perhaps you can't choose between drinking and celebrating as the new year begins or sending best wishes and trying to be the first to do so. The latter will be more difficult as phone lines are likely to be busy at this time.

Well, don't worry as Facebook has come up with a new feature, that will allow you to celebrate without any worries.
Do you want to send your best wishes to your friends through Facebook?
Are you afraid that you will forget somebody or would you prefer to celebrate without any worries?

With the Midnight Message Delivery provided by Facebook, you can programme your best wishes to be sent at midnight on December 31st. It is very easy and quick and you can take your time to be sure that you don't forget anybody!

First of all, it is necessary to be on the correct site, Facebookstories. Once there you must choose the correct service; in fact from this web page it is also possible to choose Year in Review service.

Now click on the "Get Started" button of the Midnight Message Delivery service, sign in to Facebook, decide which permission give to Facebook Stories (you can allow anything you like) and let's start!

Choose your recipients, type a nice piece of text, add a picture and click on the "Send Message" button!
Your wishes will be delivered as private message to their Facebook inbox at midnight on December 31st.

Moreover you can send more than one message and this will allow you to categorize your friends by language or other factors, personalising your message!

What are you waiting for? Give it a try and celebrate without any worries. At worst you will still have January 1st to wish everyone a Happy new year!

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