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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Who is in your network on Google+?

On 29th of November I had the opportunity to attend at a seminar on SEO at Search London. On that occasion, I met two great connoisseurs of that field, Richard Baxter and Lee Smallwood and they talked of their expectations for SEO in 2013. Amongst other things, the Nod3x program caught my attention.

The conferences were highly successful and very fruitful for anyone who wants to understand the situation in this area. (You can find here the website of Search London and view presentations of these two speakers). Although the content was very helpful and answered some of my questions such as the importance of Google + in the algorithm that calculates search results. The value of a wide diversification of web promotion was also covered, dismissing those who still think that "only the linkbuilding is relevant."

What is Nod3x

However, in this article I will discuss a web application that caught my attention, the recent program created by the lecturer Lee Smallwood called Nod3x. This web application develops an algorithm that enables you to see the social network connections for any person, city, company or concept of interest. It also depicts the connections of your own connections in a graph.

What are the advantages?

Apart from being a very interesting tool, it lets you know what your main links are in the network, which individuals have common interests and potential followers, according to the quality of communities on Google, etc. It is also very useful to know what the most talked about concepts are and what’s hot among your circle of friends, which enables more relevant sharing of data.

Does this application reflect Google's algorithm?

The Google search engine is constantly updating and always trying to provide the best possible information to its users. Today, social networks are very important for society and we know that Google values its social network as a algorithm variable, but it is unknown whether or not it has the ability to differentiate between the quality of one profile and another.

Using that tool, Nod3x, it would seem that people with comments and quality articles tend to have more followers and these followers’ profiles, in turn, contain quality. So it is reasonable that Google already uses this factor as a variable and that it will use it in not too distant future, to improve search engine rankings.

Application Example

If I type the name of the managing director of Accuracast Digital Marketing Agency, Farhad Divecha into the Nod3x program, I can observe the number of connections he has and the relationships of these contacts. The chart I posted in the beginning of the article, using the web application, demonstrates the quality of my statistics, activity, comments, re-shares and +1’s and provides more concrete data.

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  1. Thanks so AdriĆ  for taking the time to write about NOD3x - really appreciated.

    Let me know if you have any questions relating to the application.

    I've also just posted a short video demonstrating the latest NOD3x graphs and increased functionality http://goo.gl/Mikvz

    Thanks again



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