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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Facebook's New & Improved Search Engine: Graph Search

Mark Zuckerberg has announced that Facebook will be creating its very own search engine. But what does this mean for businesses as well as casual Facebook users?

The announcement has excited many, causing people to wonder why they didn't come up with this a long time ago? It seems like a tool that will make Facebook more accessible, efficient and all the more addictive. Graph Search works by using all the data Facebook has collected over the past 8 years. We will be able to now search and find people with similar interests to us or even places that serve our favourite food.  Such progress may prove valuable for businesses, as consumers will be able to discover companies whilst searching for services and products within Facebook’s search engine.

I feel privacy anxieties rearing its horrid head for some. But it is not a problem! This means that you will have to set the pictures or information you do not want searched for as private. So what ever happened in Vegas can still truly stay in Vegas for a little while longer.

Although it is about time, I am glad Facebook Graph Search will be implemented into the site. It is innovative and is exactly the boost I feel Facebook users need to make their experience on the social site more refreshing and new.

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