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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Which Super Bowl 2013 Ad Will Be The Biggest Viral Success

Advertising space during the Super Bowl is often amongst the most expensive each year and this is largely due to how effective it can be. In recent years we have seen a new trend in Super Bowl ads, with advertisers driving viewers online in order to enhance the experience and facilitate or enhance relationships with the brand. The majority of the time this includes driving Super Bowl fans to social networks, where the greatest amount of interaction can happen. Considering that recent research revealed that 36% of Super Bowl viewers will use another media device during the game, it would appear that creating a social or viral ad has never been more important.
So which Super Bowl will have the best online response this year? Previews of each ad can be found here, so you can take a look and predict which one you think will be the biggest hit.

In my opinion it will be this ad, for obvious reasons that will appeal to the typical Super Bowl viewer. But I think Mercedes may have made a mistake by not including Twitter in the conclusion of the ad.

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